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The primary goal of the Coalition is to bring Americans to an awareness of the political system they are immersed in. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution created a stealth slavery with its legal system. The simple fact is people are controlled and treated as legal entities, or dead things. The nature of the system is to bring people under corporate (municipal) control.
In our quest to assist you in your journey of growth and understanding, the following items are provided for you to learn what we have learned:
PAC Web Portal, Take the PAC Alliance Survey to Provide Input, Take a Break and take a Trip to the Islands, Please Comment in Our Guest Book, Be Informed by Subscribing to The PAC Eletter, Learn more about the Book The Red Amendment, Contact the PAC Representative in Your State, Get Up to Date on the Not My Government Forum, Watch videos PAC has on Our YouTube Channel, Take a Look a the PAC Educational Material, The PAC Promotial Flyer PAC The Bottom Line, Aquire Your Own Copy of The Red Amendment, Get Information on PAC Broadcasting Shows, Get an Overview of what PAC Pespectives Are, PAC Deprogramming will give Your Mind a Change, Use the PAC Web Portal Map to Assist You, Contact the Coaliton using our Form System, Take a Short Tour of the PAC Web Portal.
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PACinLaw, the People's Awareness Coalition (PAC)
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Welcome to Educational Information!
In America today there are many questions that you may have. The PAC E letter provides information to clear-up some of the puzzling concerns of society today. Moreover, the Coalition brings an element of common sense to issues that you may find out there.
Listed below is some of the subject matter that the PAC E Letter contains:
Political issues of the current insurgent governmental system.
Issues of constitutional law, which limits government intrusion in one's life.
Awareness matters which pertain to the trying times of today.
Information updates on The PAC Alliance Program.
We would love to see you aboard! Our succor can only work with your awareness.
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