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The Zombie Way
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The primary goal of the Coalition is to bring Americans to an awareness of the political system they are immersed in. The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution created a stealth slavery with its legal system. The simple fact is people are controlled and treated as legal entities, or dead things. The nature of the system is to bring people under corporate (municipal) control.
In our quest to assist you in your journey of growth and understanding, the following items are provided for you to learn what we have learned:
PAC Web Portal, Take the PAC Alliance Survey to Provide Input, Take a Break and take a Trip to the Islands, Please Comment in Our Guest Book, Be Informed by Subscribing to The PAC Eletter, Learn more about the Book The Red Amendment, Contact the PAC Representative in Your State, Get Up to Date on the Not My Government Forum, Watch videos PAC has on Our YouTube Channel, Take a Look a the PAC Educational Material, The PAC Promotial Flyer PAC The Bottom Line, Aquire Your Own Copy of The Red Amendment, Get Information on PAC Broadcasting Shows, Get an Overview of what PAC Pespectives Are, PAC Deprogramming will give Your Mind a Change, Use the PAC Web Portal Map to Assist You, Contact the Coaliton using our Form System, Take a Short Tour of the PAC Web Portal.
Questions & Answers
PACinLaw, the People's Awareness Coalition (PAC)
PAC Facts... Have We got Answers for You!
The People's Awareness Coalition (PAC or the Coalition) stands on the premise that true freedom can only be maintained through knowledge and understanding of the legal system as it currently exists. Through such knowledge this union of countries—known as the United States of America—may be reestablished within the vision of our forefathers.
We have assembled some common questions that people have posed to the Coalition.
The Coalition has been around for over 10 years. We have a specific-targeted purpose which contains a political and legal remedy. Most groups appear to center on doom and gloom and/or participation in the 14th Amendment political system, of which we do not. We have requested that others work with us but many have turned us down for the reason of many people holding on to false perceptions of truth in politics and law. In addition to this issue, there have been many groups that have taken material from us and have mixed it with their false perceptions, wherefore convoluting our principles. For these reasons the Coalition tends to shy away from working with others. But, it is requested that you understand that we are not adverse to it working with others. See Coalition Concerns page for more on these issues.
The Coalition has the purpose of rebuilding the communities that have been destroyed by collective view of the hidden faction that is commonly referred to as the "New World Order". We are looking to remove people from the oppression of the private law that has been instituted by the post Civil War governmental system. Most people choose to ignore the fact that people who politically participate or gain benefit from this system seal their doom. Further, our goal is to reBuild local commerce which has been stolen by multi-national Corporations, such as Wal Mart and ADM Corporation.
The main PAC site is geared toward political and general awareness matters. PAC Groups provides targeted education in matters of law via membership. Because PAC research is not a conglomeration of ideas from people who have not taken the time to practice due diligence in studies, registration with PAC Groups provides a filtered education in law.
The PAC E Letter provides information on PAC current events as well as important political and legal information. We have numerous people that provide information of which centers on the mission of PAC in providing proper political awareness and legal education that is not of a whimsical nature like most groups like to profess.
State Nationals' Society is an unincorporated society of people who understand that the current political system was unlawfully implemented. The people in this society have corrected their nationalities from the false one imposed by Congress under the 14th Amendment. The purpose of this group is to advance the local community for each country (state) in their trade and business. Also, their purpose is to create foundational legal remedies so they can live in liberty "without the United States". They understand the only way to protect liberty is to stand together under one umbrella.
The Not My Government site is the entry level PAC site. The purpose of this site is to provide people an understanding of where the governmental system of the United States went wrong. It maintains a community forum for those who want to learn more about the issues at hand. This site offers great insight for those who want to understand the problem.
In general legal terms, the term "Organic Law" means the foundational law of a country or nation. In the case of PAC, we use the term "Organic Constitution" in regard to the constitutional system prior to the 14th Amendment. This amendment was not lawfully ratified per Article V of the Federal Constitution, hence can only apply to the participants. Operations of law under the amendment actually set this forth. The paper Historical Error goes over the details of this matter. Also, you should get a copy of The Red Amendment as it provides the full scope in explanation of these issues.
The United States Constitution is the root or foundational law of the [U]nited States of America (the union of countries in the Union). The ultimate remedy for people is found in constitutions, federal and state. A constitution sets forth how government operates and limits its power. Your liberty is grounded in this law system, not the UCC or other things.
The Coalition uses both state and federal constitutions to maintain limitations on government. The 14th Amendment provides a rather unique remedy for those willing to take it. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the 14th Amendment and return to a less intrusive federal government. Having said that, there are many people out there professing that people should engage in private law remedies to free themselves, which ties people more to the system. We advise you be wary of anyone not using constitutional law for remedy or those not seeing the 14th Amendment as a problem.
Most of the Patriot Groups out there are in the Matrix. In example, any group that professes that you use remedies such as the UCC are locking you into the system of private law that the 14th Amendment system offers. Further, the ones that use language like "Your Representatives" are tricking you into consenting to an illegitimate instituted governmental system under the 14th Amendment; further, they want you to vote… The nail in the coffin of liberty. Also, there are many websites that offer a plethora of "fix-it tools" that will get people in trouble. Remember, a little knowledge is dangerous.
The Not My Government site gives an overview of the problem. Also, there is a forum that you can join on this PAC site. If you really want to get set straight on the problem at hand, it is highly recommended that you go through the PAC Deprogramming Sequence. As far as the reading material that is available from the Coalition, there are a lot of educational articles placed throughout the PAC Web Portal. Understand that freedom is not free and takes work and/or commitment. If you are ready to commit, these articles are available to PAC Groups Members in list form.
PAC centers in constitutional law. This is the foundational law which should be addressed, not other forms. Moreover, governments are instituted by the consent of the governed. Do you consent to what this government is doing? PAC shows you how not to consent, not pull you deeper in like other groups seem to be fixated upon doing.
The Coalition believes that its members cannot be free unless others are free. Wherefore, what the Coalition offers is education for those who are willing to take advantage of it. It is not about making money, it is about freedom for us all.
The main problem with most people is that they will not let go of paradigms that have been built around them. Also, most have been taught a false religion. If you are willing to be open-minded, going through the PAC Deprogramming Sequence will free your mind about in an hour or so. Are you up for it? The Coalition will assist you in your new life.
You may have heard the phrase "Practice of Law." In common terms, this relates that people engaging in the practice of law can never really get it right, only just practice to get it right. Having that in mind, LB Bork, the author of The Red Amendment, notes that law is pretty much just smoke and mirrors. Law systems are just a maze or puzzle that has to be figured out. The Red Amendment offers the best solutions which are grounded in sound principles of law. Everything in the book is referenced with proper applications of law. Hope this helps you a bit.
The Red Amendment addresses an issue that no other group addresses. The United States won the so-called Civil War. The victor always skews history to fit his needs; to keep the usurpation in place takes disinformation agents. The Red Amendment is from a source that is not compromised by higher education or the greed of victor agents.
Really? What do you think a Social Security Number is all about? Socialism. And Income Tax and Public School Education are Planks noted in the Communist Manifesto. The textbook, The Red Amendment, has been said by many to make a solid case using facts to show that someone has been lying to you. Extreme? Many would disagree.
Because the Coalition is not grounded in profit as the reason for its existance, there are not numerous things available for purchase. The Red Amendment is the outline for what PAC bases its principles; its contents are filtered and not of the whimsical nature. The proceeds from The Red Amendment keep the research going and the websites up and running. Also, you will note that their are some Coalition Partners that have there own books and teaching materials available. Again, please note that the Coalition is not about making money, but fixing what needs to be fixed.
Simply put: It is the problem. This amendment changed the governmental system from what the founding fathers outlined in the Constitution. It is really a no-brainer, but for some strange reason there are a lot of Patriot Groups that ignore this fact. Dare we mention "Conspiracy" here? Having said that, watch out for the disinformation agents.
The 14th Amendment is a conspiracy. This is the only one to really focus on. Actually, all others so-called "Conspiracy Theories" are part and parcel to the insurgent governmental system under the infamous 14th Amendment. All-in-all, most conspiracy theories are a side-track that will get you no where. The law is what will provide remedy.
Nationality is the fundamental element of being a member of a nation. The 14th Amendment created the legal means for Congress to create a false nation from all the states in the Union. State Nationals are people that have used afforded legal methods to remove themselves from the collective false nation of the United States. They have returned home to live as men and women in their respective republics and are no longer legal entities controlled by private law.
The Coalition does not protest publicly as it is a waste of time. Although the citizens and nationals of the United States who are doing public protests have some effect on the policies of the current government, they are generally written-off as unruly subjects. The members of PAC do our protests in law through the correction of nationality.
Neo-Rome was not built in a day. Freedom is not free. Simply put, there is no quick-fix, and understand that people working as "islands" will not effectively get the job done; it can only get done with due dilligence in way of study. PAC is here to aid and accelerate that process for you. It will take all of us working together to maintain our liberties.
The members of the Coalition do not get into the doom and gloom like most other Patriot Groups. We understand that the people in control maintain power by keeping people ignorant and instilling fear on them. We have surpassed these methods and look to remedy in law for our liberty. We have a remedy and look for cures to fix the problems.
The Red Amendment provided insight to the problem, however does not have prescribed forms for removing yourself from the system due to the lack of unity in the freedom movement. However, the material does provide the groundwork to do so; hence, through further study of law this can be achieved. Joining PAC Groups will provide further insight on system removal. There is no cost involved in becoming a Level 1 member of PAC Groups. It is suggested that you contact a Portal Representative for more information on PAC Groups to get the proper education in matters of law.
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Our Motto: We don't worry about what they're doing. We just do what we need to do.

Please, keep in mind that we do watch what they are doing; but it is understood that this government is not our keeper, wherefore we are not concerned about the law that it passes on its citizens. Also, as State Nationals, our power is paramount over the current political system; we still can apply political pressure from the outside.

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